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Latosta Ultra Portable Laptop Stand

Buy Now -> Only $9.95 for a limited Time!

Latosta is the worlds most portable laptop stand

Latosta fits laptops of any width

 Improved Laptop Ergonomics: easier on your neck, back and wrists

  • Align your wrists & forearm to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 Air flows Underneath your Laptop to Improve Laptop Cooling

  • Tests Show CPU temperature reduction of 22 Degrees

 The Worlds Most Portable Laptop Stand

  • Small enough to fit into your shirt pocket


Originally $14.95, Now on Sale for $9.95!

The Latosta is a simple, ultra portable laptop stand that's easy to use, easy on your body, and improves laptop cooling. Now on Sale for only $9.95.

Latosta is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket

An Easily Portable Laptop Stand:

The Latosta is an ultra portable laptop stand. It's small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, or easy to put into your laptop case. The stainless steel versions are only 2 Oz, and the anodized aluminum models weigh a scant 0.72 Oz. Now you can forget about bulky laptop coolers and cheap plastic stands.

  Latosta improves laptop ergonomics
Improves Laptop Ergonomics
By Raising the screen and tilting the keyboard, you create a more ergonomic position for your body which can reduce the stress on your wrists, neck and shoulders. Lifting the screen lifts the gaze, allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to relax. Tilting the keyboard allows for a straighter wrist, which reduces the stress and the chances of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Latosta Portable Laptop stand gives you better laptop ergonomics without the bulk! Find out more about proper laptop ergonomics here.

Laptop too hot? Cool it with Latosta portable laptop stand
Cools Overheating Laptops:
Using your laptop on a flat table traps the heat between the table and laptop.
By lifting the back of the keyboard, air will circulate freely underneath, allowing heat from your computer to be carried away. Testing has shown a 20% increase in laptop cooling. Third part testing has shown a CPU temperature reduction from 185F to 163F at full load. A cooler laptop is easier on your batteries too. See our laptop cooling test page for more information.

                                      Buy the Latosta Portable Laptop Stand Now!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Sets up in seconds, just place one adjustable laptop stand on each side of the keyboard, and slide the stand up or down to get the desired angle: 

          Latosta portable laptop stand installs in seconds

Adjustable Angle: The angle of tilt can be easily adjusted by sliding the Latosta portable laptop stands toward
Tilt of keyboard is adjustable with the Latosta laptop standyou for more tilt, or away from you for less tilt. The lift at the back of the keyboard will vary based on the keyboard thickness and length. The lift on an Apple Mac book (Keyboard thickness 0.690") is approximately 1.25" (32mm) in the low position to 2.25" (57mm) in the high position. Your laptop will be very stable on the Latosta laptop stand. See FAQ for additional information.

Fits laptops of any width: Because the Latosta portable laptop stand mounts on the side of your keyboard, it will adapt to any width laptop, from very narrow netbooks to 20" or more. Whatever size laptop you have, Latosta is always the perfect width!

Latosta is proudly made in the USA
All Metal Construction. The Latosta portable laptop stand is made in the U.S.A of 304 stainless steel or anodized aluminum. The ends are covered with plastic caps to prevent scratches to your laptop or table. Both versions have been tested to 40 lbs (18 Kg) The simple design means there's nothing to break or wear out.

Compatibility Guide: For laptops with keyboard thickness (not including display) or 1.25" (32mm) or less. The stand overlaps the top of the keyboard by 1/2" (13mm), so it is generally not suitable for keyboards that have keys within 1/2" of the edge; see photo below. Not compatible with Apple Air or other laptops that have beveled edges on the bottom of the keyboard. See FAQ for additional discussion on compatibility. For use on tables or other flat surfaces only.

 The Latosta portable laptop stand fits most laptops

Originally $14.95, Now on Sale for $9.95!

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