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DC Legends

DC Legends will be a game of strategy-RPG on mobile as the popular Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or Heroes of Dragon Age studio Capital Games . Developed by WB Games San Francisco , DC Legends you will collect many characters of DC Universe and play in a “solo” mode consists of many missions. This mode, scripted, you will fight battles against Nekron and Manhunters through maps based in Metropolis , Gotham, Themyscira.

Players can form teams of superheroes and villains, build his own Justice League or create his Lantern Corp . This is not all, these characters that the player collects will be able to be upgraded thanks to the experience gained by playing. Thus, the characters will unlock new skills and powers by gaining levels. Finally, a PVP mode is also part of the game and will allow players to compete around the world and you must try DC Legends Cheats.

Like Injustice 2 and its event in Multiverse mode , the mobile game DC Legends takes advantage of the release of Wonder Woman in the movies for an event to win three characters of the film. In the Hero Challenge mode, you can try to get and play with Wonder Woman , Hippolyta and Dr. Poison in their film version, all through June.

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