MacBook Sales Continue to Rise

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We are always used to tell you that one of the biggest pillars of sales of Apple is undoubtedly the iPhone, which is true, but if something follows closely the most characteristic and innovative mobile phone in history is without a doubt His older brother: the MacBook. We have always seen these laptops above all other computers in their category in everything except hardware, something that is no longer a dream for the apple community due to the new Intel processors of seventh generation, but something very Certain is that these computers are more focused on an environment or work environment so we can understand their previous potential decompensations, although we must also say that the great optimization of the operating system, macOS, has made this problem come to the foreground.

The Macbook goes up


It seems that Apple wants to release these computers because according to the latest quarterly reports sales of these were falling somewhat behind, but thanks to many efforts of the block, including making promotions or discounts such as giving a headset of the prestigious brand Beats with the purchase of one of these new laptops, we are starting to see that the interest that the Cupertino company has put in making sales and revenue rise is becoming a reality.

You may wonder how we can see this, because very easy, since one of the most reliable sources in the sector called TrendForce, has released some incredible data on sales of Apple’s favorite laptops. According to the reports presented, the figure in question has increased by 17.1%, something incredible if we consider the little time it has taken the apple to raise the bar.

All of this good news has its counterpart at Apple, the clearest one is that most of the computers that the Cupertino company sell are portable, so the sale of desktops drops drastically, but the increase that has received the MacBook in comparison to The descent of the iMac is completely acceptable and the Californian firm is winning on this occasion. According to TrendForce, sales of these computers will continue to grow every short period of time.

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